I am a strategist, mentor and advisor of senior business leaders.
My work is based on almost 30 years of experience in top positions at McDonald’s, Tesco or Johnson & Johnson, and advisory for a number of startups.

I am helping with business, marketing and communication strategies. I am helping with building organisations, teams, company culture and motivation of people. All this leads to accelerated growth.
I am often acting as a personal mentor.

I help people with change. To do this, I use my expertise in the area of strategic approaches, as well as years of leadership experience.

I share my knowledge and experience on conferences, workshops, seminars.

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Ivana Šedivá – “The purpose is crystal clear”

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Work experience

Professional Mentoring and Business Coaching In Flow

MetaMentor and Business Coach

Mentored more than 1000 personal hours, and helped more than 400 startups from around the globe. Certified Flow Consultant. Certified trainer of Google Founder’s Lab, OKR and Storytelling Lab. Mentor of Mentors.
Several years of experience in startup accelerators as a business mentor:
– Google For Startups
– Startup Yard
– #DoToho
– Czech Crunch
Many years of experience as a personal mentor:
– BCC Equilibrium
– My Oddyssey
– Femme Palette
– Minerva
My biggest contributions come from conceptual and strategic approach and understanding the power of purpose, meaning, strategy and people. And flow.


Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Czechia and Slovakia, Board Member

At this dream job for any Chief Marketing Officer, we have
– achieved 6 years of continuous and very profitable growth,
– moved the needle of our brand image and customer satisfaction significantly,
– introduced restaurants of a new generation, including table service, moving the customer experience beyond expectations,
– launched McDelivery in a cosmic speed with breathtaking business impact,
– strengthened partnership with our franchisee community, improving their satisfaction especially towards marketing, which was very much needed,
– transformed internal culture and processes, positively impacting satisfaction of McD people across the company, having a lot of fun while striving to work smart over hard,
– developed so much delicious food offers, with a focus on local taste, taking local suppliers on the journey with us and customers lovin’ it,
– convinced many customers, that our meat is just pure beef meat, yes, it is, as also confirmed by an independent study of a prestigious Czech university,
– started to source purely Czech beef for a big part of our burgers,
– moved our communication standards to the roof, which resulted in countless creative awards and people lovin’ it,
– and much more.

OBI Group Holding

CMO Czechia, Board Member

We have moved the needle especially in 4 areas:
– communication of the brand, including TV, OOH and the launch of the first social media (yes, it was not a norm back then yet)
– customer experience in and around the stores
– internal communication, organisation structure and processes for more efficient and effective outcomes
– breakthrough tender processes for the agencies


Vice President Rebranding & Identity Czechia, Board Member

This very unique experience involved
– designing the store of the future
– merging well established brands
– close cooperation with top experts from Netherlands, with a focus on customer, strategy, brand, store design and communication
– close cooperation with experts in merchandising and category management, privat label, brand and operational marketing
– travelling US and Nordics for inspiration


CMO Czechia and Slovakia, Board Member

These were times of major transformation, when the retail landscape changed dramatically after the strong entrance of competition.
The transformation was thorough, involving strong customer insight, business insight, strategy, plan, organisation, people, customer experience, introduction of new formats, products, promotion, communication, launching the first meaningful website, and the list goes on and on.
We have lifted the importance of marketing and put customer in the centre via our everyday work.
I have led the team of more than 50 people and indirectly even more.
We have also simplified many processes, resulting in lower cost and more quality outcome.

Johnson & Johnson

CMO and Business Processes Director Czechia and Slovakia, Franchise Manager CEE, Board Member

This top healthcare company gave me a lot, and we/I have done a lot there:
– developed a consumer category of tampons, through innovative professional program. breaking the myths in the society with a help of science and VIP influencers
– developed the consumer business practically from the scratch, around all P’s of proper marketing
– piloted and led the new international strategic marketing position, responsible for entire region of CEE
– designed and introduced the new structure in sales, which served modern trade
– audited, improved and certified cross company processes, resulted in Bronze Award – achievement of just a few sister companies (top 10%)
– acted as an internal expert for process consultancy in Switzerland and Portugal

Board Level Experience